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Aluminum is a very durable metal. As processing is very easy of this very light metal, the usage area of aluminum is very wide. Balcony rails, soda cans, automotive parts, window frames, stair rails, and many other examples are subject to aluminum metal use.

As aluminum is mostly used in the automotive and construction industry, so many amounts of scrap are derived from this metal. Especially construction sector is growing so fast today, so the aluminum scrap amount is very big. On the other hand, cars that have completed their life circle are being sent to scrapping, which generates so much also aluminum scrap.

Aluminum is not a directly mined material in nature. It is derived from bauxite material after a long and costly process. This makes the aluminum production process very expensive. So, in order to obtain aluminum more cheaply, recycling old aluminum is a very wise method.

Aluminum is a great metal with 100% recycling ability. This makes aluminum and its scrap very valuable. As much as aluminum is recycled, the need for new core aluminum will be that much less.

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