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Chrome is a kind of mineral that is used in many different sectors. There is a wide usage area of chrome, but it is generally used in the form of alloy. It is a unique metal especially for strengthening steel or stainless steel manufacturing.

Chrom is a very bright material and durable against all kinds of weather conditions. This makes it an ideal metal for making some other metals look fancier. As we can see, chrome is a very valuable metal and chrome recycle becomes very important. As Babaogul Scrap, we provide professional service to scrap recycling with our expert teams.

We are an Istanbul-based company and work in this industry with 20-year-expertise. Our company finds professional solutions that purchase all types of scraps at the right place at the right prices. So feel free to call us anytime for any kinds of questions.

For chrome scrap purchases and chrome scrap prices, all you have to do is contact us. You will never regret working with our company, which buys scrap as the nearest scrap dealer.

How much is Chrome Scrap?

Chrome scrap prices vary depending on the scrap market. You can see the current chrome scrap prices below. Scrap chrome, which is among the types of stainless scrap, is very valuable. That's why scrap chrome recycling is so important. You can find the answer to the question of how much chromium weighs below.

Scrap Chrome Prices

 202 Chrome Scrap Price Rustproof 2,90 ₺/Kg
 201 Chrome Scrap Price Rustproof 2,50 ₺/Kg
 316 Chrome Scrap Price Rustproof 13,00 ₺/Kg
 304 Chrome Scrap Price Rustproof 12,00 ₺ kg
 310 Chrome Scrap Price Rustproof 11,00 ₺/Kg
 304 Chrome Chips Scrap Price Rustproof 5,50 ₺/Kg
 316 Chrome Chips Scrap Price Rustproof 8,00 ₺/Kg
 310 Chrome Chips Scrap Price Rustproof 6,50 ₺/Kg
 430 Chrome Scrap Price Rustproof 2,60 ₺/Kg


What is Scrap Rustproof 310 Chrome?

310 chrome, which is among the types of stainless scrap, is very valuable. Chrome price is known with different codes such as 304, 316. As Babaoğul Scrap, we discover your scraps free of charge and purchase valuable scrap. Scrap stainless prices are constantly updated at this stage. You can check our page for chrome scrap prices and call us for current prices. If you have stainless scrap products, all you have to do is contact us.

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