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Cable scraps are derived from the machines that we use in our daily lives. They are used in these machines in order to transmit electricity. Cables are also used in many other sectors to transmit electricity. This is the reason that there are so many cable scraps in daily life. As these cables get older and complete their lifetime, they are replaced and purchased by scrap trader companies.

Cable scrap prices change in parallel with copper scrap prices. Because there is an important amount of copper scrap inside these cables. As we know that copper scrap is a very valuable metal that should be recycled. Also, the plastic cover of these cables should be carefully recycled in order not to give any harm to the environment.

Copper cable scrap prices also change according to the different quality levels and values of the materials inside the cable.

2021 Copper Cable Prices

The scrap cable price stated in the table below varies according to the scrap exchange. However, since Babaoğul Scrap is the scrap dealer with the highest scrap prices, you can sell your scraps with value and in cash.

While determining the prices of scrap cables, our company, which provides cable stripping services, also supports recycling. In this way, the original value of the cable is learned.

Mixed Cable Scrap 18,00 ₺
Antigron Scrap Cable 20,00 ₺
Interior Wiring Scrap (NYA) 25,00 ₺
Underground Energy Line 19,50 ₺
Scrap Cable Ttr 19,50 ₺
Steel Shell and Steel Interior Cable 18,00 ₺
Anti-rat Cable 19,50 ₺

In addition, you can learn the details for the price of unstripped copper cable from us. Since the scrap prices change instantly, you can find out the instant scrap prices only by calling us or by examining the current scrap prices page on our website. Since our company buys all kinds of scrap, you can see all the valuable scraps in our list.

Copper Cable Scrap Purchase Companies 

Cable scrap recycling is very important for the recycling system. It is a type of scrap that is very important to recycle because cables contain plastic and also copper.

As Babaoğul Scrap, we are among the leading recycling companies among companies that purchase scrap cables. All you have to do to purchase Istanbul cable scrap is to contact us.

Copper kg is quite high when compared to other scraps. Therefore, there is a competitive system in scrap copper cable prices. If you want to sell your scraps with value and cash, we would like to serve you as cable scrap buyers.

Your scraps are taken by Babaoğul Scrap at their place and value. It is enough to contact us to get detailed information about cable scrap types and prices, cable plastic scrap prices.

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