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Copper scrap or copper metal is a widely used material for manufacturing in daily life. Especially for kitchen stuff, copper scrap is the second most common metal after aluminum. Yellow brass is the most popular and best quality scrap that is derived from copper.

On the other hand, copper is a kind of material that has one of the biggest proportions of recycling. So, this makes copper one of the most valuable metals in the scrap industry.

As the recycling proportion is so high, this feature makes copper scrap very valuable. Because obtaining or mining new copper has a very hard process. So, this makes copper scrap recycling a more important and wiser decision.

As Babaogul Scrap, we make all types of scrap purchases at the right place with the right price. And we gain them into the economy by recycling. This way we make contributions to a more sustainable world.

You should just contact us for the current scrap copper prices of 2021 and other scrap types. We guarantee you that we will give the best offers to your scraps. We will be happy to make you happier.

What is Copper?

It is a metal with atomic number 29 and the symbol Cu, which can be found in nature on its own or in compounds. It is an easily machinable metal. Its electrical conductivity is quite high.

The country with the most copper in the world is America and the American continent. (50%) Following that, there are considerable copper reserves in the African continent.

Our company, as an Istanbul scrap dealer, serves you in the recycling of one of the most valuable mines in the world. You can contact us from every district of Istanbul and get up-to-date information about scrap copper prices.

How Much is Copper Scrap?

Copper scrap, which has several types in itself, is priced depending on the amount of copper in the scrap and the value of the material. If you are wondering how much copper weighs, the current copper scrap prices are listed below.

Copper Scrap Prices ( Instant Copper Prices)

Strip Copper Scrap 58,00 ₺/Kg
Lama Copper Scrap 58,00 ₺/Kg
Kırkambar (Bobbin, Burnt, Pipe) Copper Scrap 52,00 ₺/Kg
%98 Ingot Copper 53,50 ₺/Kg
TTR Granule Copper Scrap 55,50 ₺/Kg
Copper Chips Scrap 53,00 ₺/Kg

Note: Instant copper prices vary depending on the daily exchange rate. If you want to get detailed information about instant copper prices, please contact us.

What Is Stripped Copper Scrap?

Stripped copper is the name given to the unstained state of copper, which means clean copper. It is known as shiny copper scrap that comes out after being separated from the stripped copper cable. Peel copper is highly valuable. Because if a copper scrap is of peeling copper quality, it means that it retains its original form.

The trick here is that if you want to get stripped copper scrap, you have to remove the scrap copper from the cable without damaging it. In this way, the stripping copper scrap will continue to maintain its value. If you burn copper while obtaining stripped copper scrap, your scrap will lose value and the copper will be scrapped at a lower quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company that buys copper scrap, all you have to do is contact companies that have professional copper stripping machines.

Among the companies that buy scrap copper, our company, with its experience and success, buys your valuable scraps at the highest price and adds value to the value of your scraps.

What is Lama Copper Scrap?

Lama copper scrap is a type of copper scrap that usually appears in industrial areas.

  • Electric panel,
  • Base station,
  • Ground,
  • Transformer,
  • Low voltage,
  • distribution

It is a copper scrap that occurs in areas such as Llama copper scrap is very valuable and specially priced. You can also get support by contacting our company for the prices of lama copper scrap.

What is Kırkambar Copper Scrap?

It is a type of worn copper scrap with a lower value when compared to peeling copper scrap. It is a non-shiny and discolored scrap like peeling copper scrap. Kırkambar copper scrap prices are lower than peeling copper scrap prices.

You can get detailed information about Kırkambar copper scrap prices by contacting our team.

What is %98 Ingot Copper Scrap?

It is a valuable type of copper scrap with a very high purity rate. As the name suggests, it is also processed and offered for sale in the form of ingots. 98% copper ingot prices are quite high among copper scrap types, and Babaogul Scrap is bought from you in cash with the highest price guarantee.

It is enough to contact us for 98% copper scrap prices.

What is Red Chips Scrap?

Red chip copper scrap, that is, scrap copper shavings, is the powder copper scrap that comes out after shaving the copper. It usually occurs as a result of industry and industrial activities.

Our company works 24/7 in order to provide you with the best service with the highest scrap prices. If you are looking for a scrap dealer, all you have to do is call us for red sawdust scrap prices.

What is Antigron Cable Scrap?

Low voltage cables known as antigron cables are very valuable due to the copper they contain. It is a type of cable that is often used in damp and wet interiors rather than outdoors.

All you have to do for Antigron crushed cable scrap prices is to contact Istanbul Scrap Babaogul Scrap. By contacting us, you can benefit from the high scrap prices service by getting the most accurate and precise information about current scrap prices.

What is TTR Cable Scrap?

TTR cable copper scrap, which is used in combination with PVC cable, is a very successful product type in terms of conductivity. All you have to do is to contact us for expired TTR crushed cable copper scrap prices.

As Babaoğul Scrap, the scrap types we purchase are quite large and we aim to give the highest support to recycling at this point. If you have TTR crushed copper scrap, copper scrap, peeling copper scrap, etc., all you have to do is call us.

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