Yellow Brass Scrap


Brass or yellow brass is a very widely used material that we see commonly in our houses. Yellow brass scrap is a kind of combination of zinc scrap and copper scrap. The name is yellow because the final materials have yellow or yellowish colors. The most common places that we use yellow brass are;

Pirinç Sarı hurda evimizin bir çok köşesinde karşımıza çıkan ürünlerin üretiminde kullanılan bir malzemedir. Sarı hurda çinko hurdası ve bakır hurdasının birleşiminden ortaya çıkmaktadır. Adının sarı hurda olmasının sebebi de ortaya çıkan ürünlerin sarı ve satı tonlarında olmasından kaynaklanmaktadır. Sarı hurdanın en çok kullanıldığı alanlar;

  • Water valves
  • Faucets
  • Water meters
  • Construction materials
  • Doors, hinges, door handles, doorknobs, and door locks,

and many similar places. As brass is a valuable material, recycling it also becomes important. With the same value level of copper scrap, yellow brass scraps are used in buttons and gold industries after recycled.

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How to recognize yellow scrap? If you are wondering, all you have to do is contact Babaogul Scrap, the nearest scrap dealer. The price per kilo of scrap brass varies depending on the alloy values ​​in the yellow scrap.

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How much is the Yellow Brass Scrap Price per Kilo?

Current yellow scrap prices are determined in kilograms and yellow scrap prices also vary depending on the type of yellow scrap. The prices of yellow scraps such as scrap yellow bar, quest, Kırkambar valve, yellow scrap for faucet, water clock, radiator are different from each other. The weight of yellow scrap varies depending on the amount of copper it contains. The yellow scrap weight is determined with prices ranging from 25 TL to 30 TL.

  • Current Yellow Scrap Prices are as follows. For instant yellow scrap prices, just call us.


Yellow Brass Scrap & Bronze Purchase Prices Price TL/kg
Scrap Yellow Brass  31,00 TL/kg
Scrap Yellow Brass Stick 27 70 TL/kg
Scrap Yellow Brass Stick Chips 26,80 TL/kg
Scrap Yellow Brass Kırkambar 26,50 TL/kg
Scrap Yellow Brass Chips 25,00 TL/kg
Scrap Bronze 29,40 TL/kg
Scrap Bronze Chips 27,00 TL/kg

Yellow Brass Producing Sectors 

There are various sectors that produce yellow brass scraps. They are in general;

  • Automotive,
  • Construction,
  • Bathroom
  • Personal Stuff,
  • Home Decoration Materials,
  • Wall Covering.

and some others.

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