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Waste paper scraps are obtained from every part of our daily lives. From a letter, a printout, cardboard box, newspapers, magazines, napkins, even from our coffee cups we have a wide variety of waste paper scrap resources.

Paper is a very old material that we use in almost every field and moment of our lives. Even though getting online reduce the need for paper, there are so many areas that we still need them.

We also know that paper is manufactured from trees and every single paper that we waste will endanger our world. Trees provide us oxygen and if we don't save them, we won't be able to live. So, paper recycling becomes very important for a more sustainable life. Every kind of paper or material manufactured from it can be recycled. Recycled papers can be reused which will result in saving another life of a tree.

As Babaogul Scrap, we are one of the most waste paper scrap purchasing companies. We are proud of trading paper scrap and giving the best prices to our customers. Waste paper scrap prices change according to the quality of the material and type of paper. In order to get information about the current scrap paper prices, you can check our website, and contact us for the instant scrap prices.

Current Scrap Prices

Waste Paper Scrap Prices 
1. Pulp White Scrap Paper 1,20₺/Kg
Different Colored Pulp Scrap Paper 1,30 ₺/Kg
Scrap Cardboard Paper 1,20 ₺/Kg
Scrap School Book 1,30 ₺/Kg
Scrap A4 Paper 1,40 ₺/Kg
Scrap Napkin 1,15 ₺/Kg
Scrap Cardboard 1,05 ₺/Kg
Used Newspaper Scrap 1,20 ₺/Kg
Unused Newspaper Scrap 1,20 ₺/Kg
Bristol Scrap Paper 1,00 ₺/Kg
Scrap Glossy Paper 1,00₺/Kg


NOTE: You can get the most accurate information by contacting us for current and instant scrap prices depending on the scrap prices that change instantly. If you are searching for how much is a scrap paper kilo, here is your answer.

Document and Paper Archive Disposal

Document and paper archive destruction processes are also carried out in line with you by our company. Your paper scraps are destroyed by important document shredders and sent for recycling after this process.

Documents and documents destroyed using paper cutting and shredding machines are removed with the condition of complete confidentiality and safely go to the recycling service.

Waste Scrap Cardboard Book Purchase Service

As Babaoğul Scrap, all kinds of paper scraps are taken from you in cash. Paper scraps, which are priced depending on whether the paper is dry or wet, are taken and recycled upon your request.

All kinds of paper waste, printing scraps, glossy papers, Bristol papers, used and unused brown boxes, scraps are collected from your address in cash.

Waste Scrap Paper Collection Center

All kinds of scrap can be recycled in our center and we attach great importance to the recycling of paper scrap. The protection of trees depends on the recycling of paper scraps, and in this context, waste paper scraps and cardboard scraps should be recycled as quickly as possible. In addition, newspapers, magazines, and printing press scraps are also taken from you in cash, and instant payment is made.

If you are looking for an online scrap dealer, all you have to do is contact us. We invite everyone who is looking for an online scrap dealer to contact our company and we aim to support recycling together.

Printing Paper Scrap Purchase

Paper scraps in the form of scraps formed after paper printing are accepted as printing scraps by our company and are included in the scope of paper scrap. In this context, we are among the companies that buy printing scrap and we recycle paper.

Textbook Scrap

Our company also recycles school scraps such as textbook scraps and notebook scraps that appear at the end of school every year. Our company, which comes to schools and weighs, pays on the spot by taking old books such as end-of-term books. Call us for bulk paper scrap purchases.

For book scrap prices, just contact us.

Tonnage Carton Scrap Purchase

Scrap cardboard is the most recycled product among the paper scrap types. Only in Istanbul produces between 2 and 3 tons of cardboard scrap per day. If you are looking for a company that makes wholesale cardboard scrap purchases, all you have to do is contact us. As a company that buys scrap parcels, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best service.

Come and recycle your accumulated paper scraps. For Waste Paper scrap recycling, all you have to do is call us. As Babaoğul Scrap, we purchase waste paper and cardboard scrap. You can contact our scrap cardboard paper purchasing service team for scrap paper prices. Our company, which buys scrap from the address, is the closest scrap dealer to you among the Istanbul scrap companies.

Your paper scraps are purchased at their place and value and sent for recycling. Thanks to you, forests are protected by cutting fewer trees. If you want to support paper recycling, please contact us. 2021 current paper scrap purchase prices will be shared with you as soon as possible.

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