Lead Scrap


Lead scrap is the most derived scrap amongst the other scrap types.

Lead is a metal that generally used with other materials in the form of alloy, and can't be used by itself. It is easy to process and used in so many branches of our daily life, especially in industrial areas. The reason for this is that lead is very durable against corrosion. Lead is very durable and has a long lifetime.

In the construction works, lead is generally used with the pipes to provide sound insulation. It is also used in the defense industry and nuclear power plants because of its durability against radiation.

As we can see, lead is a very important material and should be considered for recycling. Scrap lead recycling is a very common process in the scrap industry. As Babaogul Scrap, we also make scrap lead purchase and give the best scrap lead prices. For more information about scrap lead price per pound, just contact us. We can assure you that we give the best prices for all types of scraps.

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Lead Scrap Prices

Lead Scrap Prices
Lead Slab Scrap 14,30 ₺/Kg
Kırkambar Lead 13,50 ₺/Kg
Scrap Roof Lead 14,20 ₺/Kg


**Depending on the amount of scrap lead you have, our prices may change.**

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What is Lead Metal Features?

This metal with the original number 82 and symbol Pb consists of a combination of blue and silver.

  • Fusion point; 327,5 °C
  • Boiling Temperature; 1740 °C
  • Atomic Mass; 207,19
  • İsotopes; 4 isotopes. (Nucleon numbers of Isotopes: 204, 206, 207, 208)

Lead Use Areas

  • Cable Isolation
  • Military Ammunition Production
  • Chemical Compound
  • Radiation Insulation
  • Oil additive
  • Battery production ( automotive, truck, motorcycle)
  • Colored television tube production

and some other areas. Lead scrap, which is one of the densest metals in terms of quality, is very valuable. The recycling of lead wastes makes a great contribution to the country's economy. Compared to other metals, lead scrap prices are quite high and its recovery is quite high at this point.

As Babaoğul Scrap, we buy your lead scrap from you with the highest price guarantee and recycle it. With the recycling lead, the harmful substances in lead are prevented from mixing with the soil and also reduces the need for raw materials.

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